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Publications Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Haettenschweiler von A bis Z

Haettenschweiler von A bis Z

Graphics and Type Design

Walter F. Haettenschweiler’s (1933–2014) oeuvre displays a captivating stylistic diversity and remarkable versatility. The designer was proficient in disciplines as disparate as corporate design, commercial graphics, typeface and interior design, as well as fine art. While still training as a graphic designer in the fifties, Haettenschweiler designed the legendary Schmalfette Grotesk typeface, which would achieve cult status in magazines such as Twen and Paris Match and was later adopted by Microsoft as its system font Haettenschweiler.
The Lettera books Haettenschweiler published with co-editor Armin Haab brought him further worldwide acclaim, proposing title fonts that challenged modernist sobriety while joyfully expanding the possibilities of type design. Haettenschweiler proved to be just as eager to experiment when it came to commercial graphics, turning out a variety of innovative solutions. His Studio for Advertising and Design conceived logos, business stationery, and advertising materials for more than 160 clients. By turns austere or playful, the designer’s formal vocabulary never lapsed into arbitrariness but exuded stylistic confidence combined with painstaking craftsmanship. Here too—in fruitful connection with the typefaces he created—a refreshing body of work is revealed.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / Barbara Junod (eds.)
Collecting as Research / Sammeln heisst forschen, vol. 4
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Design: Norm
16 × 24 cm
132 pages
290 illustrations
English / German
Article no. 710182
CHF 23.00

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