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Poster reproductions: Josef M端ller-Brockmann. Edition I + II

Josef M端ller-Brockmann. Edition I + II

Typo + Photo Posters

Josef M端ller-Brockmann (19141996) was a pioneer of the Swiss Style, which he was instrumental in shaping in the 1950s and 60s. He left behind groundbreaking work as a designer and author, and his posters are world famous. His estate is part of the collections of the Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich. The museum and the Shizuko Yoshikawa and Josef M端ller-Brockmann Foundation are making these rare masterpieces by the designer available in two limited editions. The posters are silkscreen prints produced by Serigraphie Uldry AG.

Edition I: Typo Posters
Musica Viva, 1960
Strawinsky, Berg, Fortner, 1955
Der Film, 1960
4. Junifestkonzert, 1957
Beethoven, 1955

Edition II: Photo Posters
Weniger L辰rm, 1960
Radfahrer Achtung, Achtung Radfahrer, 1958
Sch端tzt das Kind!, 1953
berholen ? Im Zweifel nie!, 1957
Das freundliche Handzeichen sch端tzt vor Unf辰llen, 1955

Find here Edition I: Typo Posters.

Find here Edition II: Photo Posters.

Josef M端ller-Brockmann
Reprint 2019
90,5 128 cm
Printing: Serigraphie Uldry AG
Silkscreen print on 170 g/sqm coated paper
Limited Editon, 100 copies
Article no. 760003
CHF 1800.00

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