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Plant Fever

Towards a Phyto-centred Design /
Vers un design phyto-centré

For centuries, our inherent alienation from nature has prevented us from truly seeing plants and understanding them as more than simple materials or decorative objects. Can design help us change our perspective and reveal their potential as allies?
Bilingual and well illustrated, the book is divided into three main chapters with essays, interviews and visual essays that look at the world of plants from different angles. The publication is further enriched with The Manifesto of Phyto-centred Design, a set of militant actions that call for new alliances between plants and humans.

Includes contributions by Emanuele Coccia, Carole Collet, dach&zephir, Quentin Hiernaux, Overmind, Marie Pok, Catriona A. H. Sandilands, Ana Silva, Penny Sparke, Trajna collective.

d-o-t-s (Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts)
Stichting Kunstboek, CID au Grand-Hornu
Design: Matthieu Visentin
24 x 17 cm
224 pages
100 illustrations
English / French
Article no. 770846
CHF 38.00

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