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Lora Lamm

grafica in Milano 1953-1963 /
graphic design in Milan 1953-1963

Born (1928) at Arosa in the canton of Grisons and a graduate of the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich, Lora Lamm moved to Milan in 1953 to work in the important Boggeri office, where Xanti Schawinsky, Max Huber, Carlo Vivarelli, Walter Ballmer, Aldo Calabresi and Bruno Monguzzi, among others, had all worked at various times. In 1954, through her contacts with Max Huber, she entered the creative office of La Rinascente, where she was in charge of the coordinated graphics of its catalogues, posters, advertisements, invitations, mailing packaging and promoting the new products of this leading department store. Lora Lamm made a deep imprint on the design of post-war graphics with her "joyful and extravagan" posters, in which she sometimes used photographs or stills. This the exhibition at the m.a.x. museo is the first to focus on the Milan period and will include more than a hundred exhibits, including posters, invitations, letterheads, flyers, placards and preparatory sketches thanks to collaboration with the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich and the Boggeri Archive.

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