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Publications Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: 100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik

100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik

100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik takes a fresh look at Swiss typography and photo-graphics, posters, corporate image design, book design, journalism and typefaces over the past hundred years. With illuminating essays by prominent experts in the field and captivating illustrations, this book, designed by the Zürich studio NORM, presents the diversity of contemporary visual design while also tracing the fine lines of tradition that connect the work of different periods. The changes in generations and paradigms as manifested in their different visual languages and convictions are organized along a timeline as well as by theme. The various fields of endeavor and media are described, along with how they relate to advertising, art, and politics. Graphic design from Switzerland reflects both international trends and local concerns. High conceptual and formal quality, irony and wit are its constant companions. A new, comprehensive reference work on Swiss design.

Essays by the editors and Hans Rudolf Bosshard, Christoph Bignens, Jürgen Döring, Meret Ernst, Ulrike Felsing, Roland Früh, Ariel Herbez, Richard Hollis, Martin Jaeggi, Andres Janser, Roxane Jubert, Urs Lehni, Claude Lichtenstein, Kerry William Purcell, François Rappo, Carol Ribi, Jörg Stürzebecher, and Ruedi Widmer.

German edition.

This book is also available in English.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / Christian Brändle, Karin Gimmi, Barbara Junod, Christina Reble, Bettina Richter (eds.)
Lars Müller Publishers
Design: Norm
21,6 × 32,4 cm
352 pages
943 illustrations
Article no. 710162.1
CHF 59.00

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