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Editions Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Dafi Kühne. Endless Loop, green (unframed)

Dafi Kühne. Endless Loop, green (unframed)

Dafi Kühne studied visual communication at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and opened his own poster design and letterpress studio, called Babyinktwice, in Näfels in 2009. Kühne is a pioneer in the revival and further development of various letterpress technologies. In his ongoing, dedicated research, he combines analogue and digital techniques in countless variations. The work Endless Loop visualizes the Möbius strip first described in 1858, which has only one edge and one side. The strip has a non-orientable surface because it is impossible to distinguish between back and front or inside and outside. Dafi Kühne cut several linoleum plates by hand to create his Endless Loop. In a sophisticated process, oil paint is applied and four printing passes create an iris gradient in the final work.

Dafi Kühne
33 × 49 cm
Print: Dafi Kühne, Babyinktwice, Näfels
Linocut with inverse iris gradients, 4-color, Gmund Cotton paper Gmund Cotton paper 450g/m2
Edition of 125
Numbered and monogrammed
Article no. 820031.3
CHF 100.00

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