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Publications Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich: Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann

Poster Collection 07

Poster Collection 07 gathers the most important posters of Armin Hofmann, and shows them - corresponding to his fundamental importance as a graphic design teacher - in a context with works from his most famous students, who continued his methods. After completing an apprenticeship in lithography, Armin Hofmann (born 1920) began teaching his own typographic principles at the Basel School of Design in 1947. He and his colleagues who contributed to the development of Swiss international Style, advocated a belief in absolute and universal graphic expression. Hofmann has also taught at Yale and the Philadelphia Museum School of the Arts. In 1965 he wrote the "Graphic Design Manual", which is regarded as a fundamental work in the field of modern graphic design and art.

With an essay by Steven Heller.

Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich / Bettina Richter (eds.)
Lars M端ller Publishers
2003 / 2015
Design: Integral Lars M端ller
16,5 24 cm
80 pages
80 illustrations
German / English
2. Auflage
Artikel-Nr. 780007
CHF 26.00

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