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Publications Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich: Catherine Zask

Catherine Zask

Poster Collection 12

One of the most innovative French graphic designers, Catherine Zask's posters have the elegance and coherence of DNA, and indeed she works with the building blocks of writing and communication letters. Here, in Poster Collection 12, the series from the Museum of Design Z端rich, she allows the letters free rein to be musical, to trigger echoes, to store images, but never unmoors them from their task of providing written communication in an appropriate and comprehensible form. The dialogue with the client and the public is crucially important to Zask: "I make graphics to include the others." Her work for SCAM (Soci辿t辿 Civile des Auteurs Multim辿dia), the Hippodrome theater in Douai, and the cole d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais are evidence of the remarkable clarity and unmistakable individuality of her work.

With a text by Catherine de Smet.

Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich / Bettina Richter (eds.)
Lars M端ller Publishers
Design: Integral Lars M端ller
16,5 24 cm
64 pages
54 illustrations
German / English / French
Article no. 780012
CHF 26.00

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