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Editions Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich: Guillaume Appollinaire. Il pleut (ungerahmt)

Guillaume Appollinaire. Il pleut (ungerahmt)

Il Pleut is one of the most important calligrams (figure poems) by French poet Guillaume Apollinaire (18801918). The combined poem/image is set in Egyptienne, a typical industrial typeface from the early twentieth century. Il Pleut was first published in December 1916, in the avant-garde magazine SIC (Sons, Id辿es, Couleurs, Formes). The Circle of Friends is now paying tribute to this key early work of free-form typography with a new letterpress edition.

Guillaume Appollinaire
25 31.5 cm
Lead type, 2014
Edition of 500
Article no. 820012.2
CHF 50.00

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