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Publications Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich: Sportdesign


- zwischen Style und Engineering

Influencing the design of a wide range of products, from mobile phones and compact cars to sneakers, sports aesthetics has infiltrated everyday life. We are surrounded by objects designed to look sporty. This style resonates with positive connotations: youthfulness, agility, freshness, dynamism, integrity, and speed. As the most popular leisure activity in the world, sports have shaped the taste of entire generations. This publication shows examples of how sporty design has evolved in fashion, communication, and on technical devices. It also explores the relationship between form and function, and style and engineering.

Texts by Christian Br辰ndle, Claude Lichtenstein, Ariana Pradal, Max Triet, and Norbert Wild.

Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich / Christian Br辰ndle (eds.)
Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich
Design: Tom Menzi, Z端rich
19 25 cm
92 pages
112 illustrations
Article no. 710146
CHF 32.00

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