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Publications Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: In Serie / In Series

In Serie / In Series

Poster Collection 23

Posters lend themselves perfectly to serial display. The mediation of the message and of the identity of the advertiser is supported by the effects of recognition. However in contemporary advertising campaigns this awareness is only rarely used in imaginative and intelligent ways. This publication illustrates the creative and effective advertising potential of posters in series. What is vital here is that a design concept has been followed. By doing so a formal or content-driven approach is sensitively varied, with the posters in the series only slightly differing from one another. At the same time the free interpretation of a basic concept can lead to a wide and highly inspirational spectrum of interpretations. The design quality of a series is measured both by the success of a single poster as a solitary piece and by the additional visual value created by its inclusion in the series.

With an essay by Fabian Wurm.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / Bettina Richter (eds.)
Lars Müller Publishers
Design: Integral Lars Müller
16,5 × 24 cm
96 pages
203 illustrations
German / English
Article no. 780023
CHF 35.00

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