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Editions Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Lora Lamm (ungerahmt)

Lora Lamm (ungerahmt)

Poetry, humor, and low-key colorfulness are the distinguishing features of the work of Lora Lamm (b. 1928). Her advertising illustrations in the 1950s created a distinctive visual identity for both the Milan department store La Rinascente and the rubber manufacturer Pirelli. With her carefully orchestrated use of photography, graphics, and typography, Lamm displayed an independent approach to progressive graphic design in the postwar period. She is thus a border-crosser between Italy and Switzerland, between illustration and graphics, between past and present. Her timeless images still fascinate a young audience today with their original way of conjoining solid Swiss technique with an individualistic, playful touch that betrays Italian influences as well.

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Lora Lamm
35 × 25 cm
Offset / Letterpress print, 2015
Edition of 100
signed by the artist
Article no. 820014.1
CHF 180.00

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