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Publications Museum f端r Gestaltung: Protest. Eine Zukunftspraxis

Protest. Eine Zukunftspraxis

Make Love Not War, Soyez r辿alistes, demandez limpossible, Keine Macht f端r Niemanden, We are the 99%: The last decades have been accompanied by a constant flow of resistant statements and methods in view of the prevailing conditions. When something is able to reach from the margins of society into its very center, it forges ahead in the form of a protest. It masterfully and creatively draws on contemporary signs and symbols, subverting and transforming them to engender new aesthetics and meanings, thereby opening up a space that eludes control.

Illustrated with expressive photographs and posters, Protest. considers social, culture-historical, sociological and politological perspectives as well as approaches that draw on visual theory, popular culture and cultural studies. In the process, the book takes into account in particular such contemporary developments as the virtualization of protest, how it has been turned into the fictional and its exploitation in politics by power holders of all shades.

This book is also available in English.

Z端rcher Hochschule der K端nste (ZHdK) / Basil Rogger, Jonas Voegeli, Ruedi Widmer, Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich (eds.)
Lars M端ller Publishers
Design: Meret Fischli, Silvan Possa
16 24 cm
416 pages
320 illustrations
Artikel-Nr. 710171.1
CHF 29.00

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