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Publications Museum f端r Gestaltung Z端rich: Fahrgastinformationssystem / Passenger Information System

Fahrgastinformationssystem / Passenger Information System

Design Manual for the Swiss Federal Railways by Josef M端ller-Brockmann

In 1980 Josef M端ller-Brockmann created a key component for a uniform visual identity of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) with his legendary Visual Information System for Railway Stations and Stops. In view of Switzerlands multilingualism, the concept, which was developed in dialog with SBBs chief architect Uli Huber, proposes a signage system that largely dispenses with language. Composed of a vast library of pictograms it is intuitively comprehensible and still dominates the railways visual identity today. M端ller-Brockmanns manual, greatly expanded in 1992 and given the title Passenger Information System, is a prime example of a complex design project that has succeeded due to its extreme rationality and consistency. It thus serves as a compass for designers worldwide in their daily work. This reprint contains an English translation, making the manual accessible for the first time to a broader public. Andres Janser examines the project in the context of M端ller-Brockmanns conceptual work and the systematic international design for which railways everywhere were striving during the period.

Lars M端ller Publishers
Design: Josef M端ller-Brockmann; Integral Lars M端ller
21 29,7 cm
222 pages
320 illustrations
German / English
Article no. 710175
CHF 50.00

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