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Editions Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Alberto Venzago. Andy

Alberto Venzago. Andy

Alberto Venzago (b. 1950) from Zurich has been shaping photography in Switzerland for five decades. His international reporting has brought him worldwide acclaim, while his studio shots and advertising campaigns are at once memorable and aesthetic.
“A genuine interest in the subject is the most important thing in photography,” Venzago once noted. He is accordingly always in search of an authentic visual expression of this interest, an approach he also took to portraying Andy Warhol in his legendary “Factory” in 1984.
Starting in the late 1950s, the American artist left an indelible mark on Pop Art with silkscreen prints of Coca-Cola bottles, flowers, and stars such as Marilyn Monroe. After 1963, he turned his attention to political themes, including his Death and Disaster pictures, among them the Electric Chair seen in the background of this photograph.
“Instead of doing a portrait in fifteen minutes, I spent an entire afternoon with Andy. Overjoyed, I left the studio in the dark with a light snow falling and hailed a yellow cab. As a parting gift, Warhol had given me a signed print with a personal dedication. But in my euphoria, I left it in the taxi. I hope the driver’s name was also Alberto.” - Alberto Venzago

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Alberto Venzago
Andy, New York, USA, 1984
24 × 36 cm, black ash frame: 46,5 × 56,5 cm, museum glass
Lambda print, 2021
Auflage 20
Signed on print and mount
Article no. 820029.2
CHF 1000.00

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