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Poster reproductions: no text [Peace between Nations]

no text [Peace between Nations]

“All my life I have tried to find signs that are understandable to everyone,” the graphic artist and illustrator Henryk Tomaszewski (1914-2005) said about his work. His poster Peace between Nations from 1965 also lives up to this claim.

Tomaszewski's poster was created against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, the radicalization of the Black Power movement after the assassination of Malcolm X, and the arms race in the Cold War. His dove of peace does not hold the legendary olive branch in its beak, but a small, perfectly shaped four-leaf clover, an ancient symbol of good luck already known in pre-Christian times. At the top of the poster, instead of a text, there is a kind of a caption that underlines the necessity of the nations moving forward together.

The wordless message of Tomaszewski's poster is: Only the cooperation of nations can lead to peace and thus to the happiness of mankind. The poster won many awards and was also printed as a Polish postage stamp in 1968.

Its visual timelessness and universal comprehensibility make the poster an important appeal for peace in 2022 as well.

All proceeds from the reproduction will be donated to Solidar Suisse. The Swiss aid organization is committed to global fairness and the fight against inequality. It is currently also providing immediate emergency aid in Romania, neighboring country to Ukraine.

Henryk Tomaszewski
ca. 70 × 100 cm
Article no. 750040
CHF 70.00

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