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Publications Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Atelier Zanolli – Fabrics, Fashion, Craft 1905–1939

Atelier Zanolli – Fabrics, Fashion, Craft 1905–1939

Viva Zanolli! The charming, artistic design work of the Zanolli family, who emigrated from Veneto to Switzerland in 1905, finds its expression in products such as stenciled silks, colorful beadwork or ornate leather and wooden objects. Driven by the desire for creative self-realization and led by women, the company transformed itself from a simple dressmaker to an arts and crafts studio with a broad range of products. While oriented towards trends in avant-garde art, it also catered to contemporary tastes through large-scale commissions for prominent Zurich department stores.
The history of the atelier is also an intimate story of the urban textile industry and of creatively ambitious women at the beginning of the twentieth century. The ideal of collaborative work, handmade one-of-kind products, and the struggle to establish a name in artistically and historically turbulent times are all themes that resonate powerfully today.

This book is also available in German.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich / Sabine Flaschberger (eds.)
Scheidegger & Spiess
Design: Simone Farner, Naima Schalcher
20 × 27 cm
328 pages
626 illustrations
Article no. 710181.2
CHF 49.00

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